SCO RATS Takes Part in the Conference on Countering International Terrorism

Delegation of the Executive Committee of the SCO RATS headed by the Director Mr. Jumakhon Giyosov took part in the Conference on Countering International Terrorism, organized by the parliamentary organizations of the CIS, European Council, Union for the Mediterranean, the OSCE, the CSTO, the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office held on April 18, 2019 in St. Petersburg.

During the conference, an exchange of views on relevant issues in the area of countering terrorism at the global and regional levels took place. Participants presented the best practices of states and international organizations in the field of countering terrorism and discussed measures aimed at enhancing international cooperation on the antiterrorist track. The sessions addressed issues related to countering the financing of terrorism, criminal prosecution, rehabilitation and reintegration of foreign terrorist fighters, preventing the use of networks, mass media and social networks to disseminate extremist ideas, and the role of international institutions in developing the overall strategy of countering terrorism.

Director of the Executive Committee Mr. Jumakhon Giyosov made a presentation on the activities of the SCO RATS and experience of cooperation of the SCO member states in the fight against terrorism that was acquired in the framework of the SCO.

The conference was extremely well organised and was held in the atmosphere of constructive and motivated dialogue between the parties.

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