SCO RATS Executive Committee participates in the 4th Dialogue on Effective Multilateral Law Enforcement Architecture Against Global Threats

On May 20, 2020, SCO RATS Executive Committee’s delegation led by Deputy Director Akhat Mukashev participated as an observer in the virtual meeting of Interpol: 4th Dialogue on an Effective Multilateral Policing Architecture against Global Threats (hereinafter - the Dialogue).

Representatives of member entities of the Dialogue: AFRIPOL, the Arab Interior Ministers’ Council (AIMC), AMERIPOL, ASEANAPOL, Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO), EUROPOL, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency - Frontex, the Gulf Cooperation Council-pol (GCCPOL), as well as observer entities of the Dialogue: SCO and UNODC, participated in the virtual meeting and delivered statements.

In his introductory remarks, Secretary General Interpol Jürgen Stock informed about the present state and future prospects of the crime situation worldwide in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also mentioned the measures recommended by Interpol to strengthen cooperation in combating global challenges and threats.

SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov, also attended the meeting and in his statement touched upon the impact of the pandemic on global and regional security. Mr Norov made a number of recommendations to strengthen international cooperation in this field.

The participants exchanged views on security threats, crime trends in the regions of the world in connection with the COVID-19 crisis and discussed the prospects for further cooperation in the framework of the Dialogue process. New manifestations of criminal threats, in particular, the growth of cybercrimes was highlighted.

In his statement, Mr Akhat Mukashev noted that despite a certain negative effect introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic in the SCO RATS activities, the interaction among the competent authorities of the SCO member States in the fight against international terrorism was being maintained as required, using modern information technologies. As one of the measures to strengthen international cooperation within the framework of Interpol, Deputy Director Mukashev suggested activating the Working Groups under the Dialogue in the areas of “Strategic Coordination” and “Streamlined Frontline Access” by appointing contact persons by the Dialogue participants.

Secretary General Interpol underlined the importance of this proposal and urged the participants to agree on the need for the early launch of Working Groups created in 2019. These groups would continue consideration of the COVID-19 impact on global security.

In general, the Dialogue participants noted the need to strengthen multilateral law enforcement cooperation in times of crisis, given the transnational nature of security threats.

There is a plan to discuss the outcomes of the Working Groups at the Dialogue’s next meeting in Tunisia in 2021.

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