The facts of terrorism



The FSB of Russia detained a local resident in the Altai Territory. He was preparing acts of intimidation against migrants according to the instructions of a Ukrainian nationalist organization. Public Relations Center of FSB of Russia reported this on Friday, March 2. According to the agency, the person intended to blow up the mosque.

“A local resident, citizen of the Russian Federation born in 2000, was detained in the city of Barnaul. He planned, according to the instructions of the so-called focal point from Ethnic National Association (ENO), a Ukrainian nationalist organization, to carry out “direct actions” aimed at intimidating the local population, including migrants from the Central Asian region. These actions would be aimed at the sites of mass gathering of Muslims, as well as government bodies,”- emphasized the FSB.

The detainee was going to blow up a mosque in Barnaul. He said this during the interrogation, the video of which was distributed by the DSP.

“I wanted to choose a goal for myself – to blow up the Barnaul Mosque,” ​​he said. The man explained that he was given tasks by the focal points of the organization. The first task was to survey the area next to the sites and salespoints belonging to persons of non-Slavic appearance. “I completed this task. The next task was to destroy the objects. I could choose the methods myself, for instance to set fire or explode an object,” the detainee said.

As stated by the Public Relations Center, the activities of a supporter of the Ethnic National Association established to coordinate the “direct actions” of the nationalists of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia against persons of non-Slavic appearance and state authorities were suppressed under the criminal case under Article 205.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Undertaking Training in Order to Carry out Terrorist Activities”). The FSB noted that the narrative of this organization is disseminated via the Telegram messenger, as well as Instagram and VKontakte social media.

In the course of the search, explosives, instructions for making improvised explosive devices, extremist literature, as well as communication media with photographic intelligence on the targeted sites, were seized. They were sent to the detainee by his Ukrainian focal point. “The detainee confessed to the crime incriminated to him. According to the testimony received, in February 2021 he proactively contacted a ENO representative because of his dissatisfaction with the public policy in the field of migration. He was ordered to commit arson or other actions to intimidate the public,” the FSB said.

Source: TASS