Terrorist organizations

I thank you for your message of condolences tj the families of the innocent victims of the reprehensible terrorist acts in Mumbai on 11 July, 2006. All civilized people and nations must join together to challenge and destroy the ideology of hate, violence and fundamentalism.

The international terrorism keeps creating threats to various countries and regions of the world. It has been modifying tactics, forms and methods thus adapting to new realities.

“Eastern Turkestan Islamic movement” (also known as Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party, “Party of Allah”, “Revolutionary front of the people of Eastern Turkistan”, Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, ETIM) is one of the dangerous terrorist organizations. It is included into the first approved list of terrorist organization published by PRC Ministry of Public Security on 15.12.2003.

The threats to various countries and regions of the world still come from international terrorism. Adapting to the new realities, it modifies the tactics, forms and methods of their actions.

«East Turkistan Islamic Movement» (also known as the «East Turkistan Islamic Party», «Party of Allah», «People’s Revolutionary Front of Eastern Turkestan», «East Turkistan Islamic Movement» — abbreviated ETIM) is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations. It is on the list of first approved terrorist organizations issued December 15, 2003by the Ministry of Public Security of China.