Regarding the meeting with LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) Project Manager of the European Union in Central Asia Jerome Ribo-Gaillard.

On February 26, 2020, the Executive Committee of the SCO RATS, in the person of Liu Jie, Vadim Barchuk, Kanat Tukeev, Amanbay Turdymatov received the Head of the European Union Project in Central Asia LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) Jerome Ribo-Gaillard.

The purpose of the meeting was to share experiences in the fight against cyberterrorism and to identify priorities for cooperation for the second half of 2021 and following 2022.

On behalf of the Director of the Executive Committee of the SCO-RATS Jumakhon Giyosov, Deputy Director Liu Jie greeted LEICA delegation and informed about the measures taken within the framework of the Joint Working Group of Experts of the competent authorities to identify, prevent and suppress the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes in the SCO space.

LEICA representatives briefed on new trends in terrorist financing, in particular the use of cryptocurrencies.

As a result of the exchange of views, an agreement was reached on organizing joint events of SCO-RATS and LEICA during 2021-2022 in the field of combating cyber terrorism and radicalization.

Meeting was held in a friendly and constructive environment.


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