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FTO activities in Syria

During January 2023, hostilities involving militants of foreign terrorist organizations were observed in a number of governorates of the country.


On January 6, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that they had arrested 102 jihadists in a week-long operation against Islamic State (IS) cells. During the operation, 55 villages and farms were cleared, as well as vast areas of land along the Syrian-Iraqi border. A total of 154 wanted terrorists and criminals were arrested.


On January 7, IS militants ambushed a patrol of the Syrian military in the desert of Raqqa governorate. Al-Hadas TV channel reported this. As a result, one soldier was killed and five more were injured.


On January 8, a militant from the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham (HTS) group blew up a car bomb at a checkpoint of pro-Turkish formations in the vicinity of the city of Al-Bab in Aleppo governorate. According to the Al-Ikhbariya TV channel, the blast left dead and wounded in the ranks of pro-Turkish militants.


On January 10, the Syrian military repelled an attack by HTS militants in the west of Aleppo governorate. According to the Al-Hadas TV channel, the militants attacked the positions of government troops and militias of the National Defense Forces in the Bsartun district. During the fight, 11 servicemen were killed. In response to the violation of the ceasefire regime, the artillery of the Syrian army attacked the rear bases of the enemy in Sarmin and Kensarf in the vicinity of Idlib.


On January 11, HTS militants attacked the positions of Syrian troops in the south of the region in Idlib governorate. This was reported by the Al-Hadas TV channel. The attack was made near the Jebel al-Zawiya mountain range. During the clash, three soldiers were killed and four more were injured. There were four dead in the ranks of the terrorists.


On January 15, three Syrian soldiers were killed in a mortar attack by terrorists in Latakia governorate.


On January 18, the artillery of the Syrian army attacked the positions of armed groups in the south of Idlib governorate. According to the Al-Arabiya TV station, the strikes followed in response to violations of the ceasefire by militants in the northern de-escalation zone. According to them, at least 100 shells were fired at the mountainous region of Jabal al-Zawiya, which serves as an outpost for militants. The enemy suffered losses in killed and wounded.


On January 20, members of the Syrian security forces carried out a special operation against the terrorist underground in Deraa governorate. This was reported by the SANA agency, citing a source in law enforcement agencies. As a result of the operation, one of the IS field commanders, Mohammed Ali ash-Shaguri (nome de guerre Abu Omar ash-Shaguri), who was responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks and sabotage against security forces and civilians in Deraa, was eliminated. Two accomplices of the terrorist were also eliminated, and the weapons found on them were confiscated.


On January 23, special forces of the US troops, supported by helicopters, carried out an anti-terrorist operation in the east of Deir ez-Zor governorate. This was announced by the representative of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces. As a result of the operation, three IS militants were captured.


On January 23, IS militants carried out an armed sortie in Quneitra governorate. According to the Suriya TV channel, the terrorists detonated an explosive device planted on the roadside. As a result, a car with two servicemen was blown up. Both of them died.



On January 24, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Russian and Syrian military had restored the Jeirakh airfield in the north of the country, which was destroyed during the hostilities. Now aircrafts of the two countries are jpintrly based and used there.


On February 1, HTS troops fired at the positions of the Syrian army in the southeast of the Idlib governorate using multiple rocket launchers. According to the Al-Arabiya TV station, one of the strikes was carried out on a camp of government forces in the vicinity of the city of Kfar Rum. As a result, eight Syrian soldiers were killed, including one officer. Another three Syrian soldiers were killed in the same area by sniper fire.

Source: Институт Ближнего Востока