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Kabulov: Afghan Taliban make it clear that they pose no threat to India and Russia

The radical Afghan Taliban movement makes it clear that it does not pose a threat to Russia, India and other neighboring countries. This was stated to TASS by the director of the Second Asian department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov, following the results of the Russian-Indian consultations on Afghanistan held in New Delhi.

“The Taliban have fought for 20 years with the Americans and NATO andl made important political conclusions for themselves, including that if they want to remain Afghan patriots, albeit with a large share of Islamism, they must act so as not to ruin relations at least with the outside world, which has concerns about Islamism and political Islam as a phenomenon,” Kabulov said.

“And it seems to me that this evolution has occurred. In simple terms, in the process of struggling for power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have transformed into an Islamic national liberation movement, whose agenda focuses only on Afghanistan. The Taliban have made it clear that they are not part of global jihad, which poses a danger to both India and Russia,” Kabulov noted.