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Bild: 14-year-old girl plotting a terrorist attack against “infidels” in Austria

In the Austrian city of Graz, a 14-year-old girl was plotting a terrorist attack against “infidels,” Bild reports, citing the police. According to the media, the suspect was detained.

The detainee planned to attack passers-by with a knife and an ax, which were found during a search in her house. She intended to stage at least one such attack on Jakominiplatz in the city of Graz.

In addition to the cold weapons, investigators found “propaganda materials” of the “Islamic State” (IS), as well as numerous videos of battles and executions, during a search in the detainee’s house.

As Bild notes, the suspect is a native of Montenegro. Investigators were able to locate the girl based on her activity on social media and chat forums associated with ISIS. Experts are now studying the data obtained. The suspect herself refused to testify