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FBI head warns the United States about the threat of a terrorist attack like the one in Crocus Hall

FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed concern about the potential threat of a terrorist attack in the United States similar to the one that took place at Crocus City Hall in Russia. He shared this concern during a hearing in the Appropriations Committee of the US Senate.


“The possibility of a coordinated attack in the United States, similar to the attack at the Russian Crocus City Hall concert hall in March 2024, is increasingly alarming. Several foreign terrorist organizations have called for attacks against Americans and our allies,” TASS quotes Christopher Wray.


Wray also mentioned that the FBI has thwarted many terrorist attacks on US soil and expressed concern that individuals or small groups could be “inspired” by events in the Middle East to carry out attacks. He also emphasized that the terrorist attack in Crocus was organized by the Islamic State.