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A terrorist who planned to blow up a market in Nevinnomyssk was sent to jail for 13 years

A citizen of Tajikistan plotted to blow up a market in Nevinnomyssk in May 2023. However, he had not succeeded in accomplishing his plans as he was detained by FSB officers. The press service of FSB announced the sentence to the criminal on June 6.


According to security agency officials, a resident of a neighboring country became a supporter of a banned terrorist organization. Employees of the regional FSB Directorate took notice of the perpetrator, and he was detained when he was about to organize an explosion in a public place.


He was targeting a market in Nevinnomyssk, and his terrorist attack was planned to take place in May 2023. During searches in the defendant’s home, security forces found components for making explosives. On June 6, the Southern District Military Court sentenced the criminal to imprisonment for 13 years. The terrorist will spend the first 3 years in prison, and the remaining years in a maximum security colony.