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Taliban assures there are no terrorists in Badakhshan

There are no terrorists in the Afghan border province of Badakhshan, and security is ensured throughout the entire territory. This was stated by local police representative Ehsanullah Kamgar, Ariana News reports.

“We give a 100 percent guarantee that no country will face any problems in Afghanistan, especially in Badakhshan province,” Kamgar said.

Local officials also assured that no terrorist group is active in this province, and border troops are taking all necessary measures to strengthen security.

“The situation here is very quiet, there is no Daesh in Badakhshan, there is no resistance, there are no terrorists. Security here is 100 percent ensured, our borders are protected,” said Deputy Governor of Badakhshan Aminullah Tayeb. “The Islamic Emirate does not allow anyone to compromise the security of neighboring countries.”

Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan shares more than a thousand kilometers of common border with Tajikistan, Pakistan and China.