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Blinken Says US Has Not Seen Upsurge in Terrorism in Afghanistan

The US administration believes that at the moment there is no increase in the activity of terrorists operating from the territory of Afghanistan. Washington has the capability to counter them. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated this at an event at Chicago University. The event was broadcasted live on the website of the State Department.

Speaking about the consequences of the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Blinken noted that “at least so far, many of the predictions about some of the worst things that could happen have not materialized.” “We’ve not seen an upsurge in terrorism coming out of Afghanistan,” Blinken said. “In fact, we’ve demonstrated that to the extent that terrorists and there and being harbored there, we’re able to actually get at them,” the US Secretary of State emphasized. “To date, we have also not seen a mass outflow of refugees,” Blinken believes.