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IS may become more active after earthquakes, ex-military believes

The earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria could lead to the stepping up of activities of IS militants in these areas, retired Brigadier General of the Jordanian army Auda al-Shudeifat told RIA Novosti.


“The earthquake hit vast areas in Turkey and Syria. When tracking these events through available means, media, analysis and findings, one can notice movements of IS militants that are prevalent in these areas. They move freely as the world is too busy with the aftermath of the earthquake and wars,” said al-Shudeifat.


The Jordanian military believes that IS “will find an opportunity to carry out its agenda, killing, revenge and spreading chaos and terrorism.”


“The sons of IS fighters who grew up in detention camps will find a suitable opportunity to disperse, escape, hide among the people left homeless by the earthquake, and take advantage of their needs and situation,” said al-Shudeifat.