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The details of the operation to eliminate the IS leader in Syria disclosed

The Islamic State leader Abu al-Hussein al-Qureishi was eliminated in a villa in Syria after a fierce battle, according to the TRT TÜRK TV channel. The correspondent of the TV channel visited the house where the terrorist was hiding.


The villa where al-Qureishi was staying is located in the village of Miske, near the city of Jindires in the Syrian province of Afrin. According to TRT, this is a two-story “luxury building.” According to the TV channel, al-Qureishi moved there some time ago fr om Idlib from wh ere he controlled the group. It is reported that he did not use mobile communications and transmitted orders through couriers.


It is noted that Turkish intelligence spotted the IS leader in Syria a few months ago and tracked his movements. The house was closely monitored, including from drones. The villa was surrounded by security forces in advance.


On Saturday evening, al-Qureishi was offered to surrender. However, the terrorist's guards opened fire on the security forces. The TV channel notes that not only from small arms were used in the shooting, but also heavy weapons that the terrorists possessed. A fight ensued and lasted for about four hours.