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Syrian security forces eliminated two IS commanders in the city of Daraa

Syrian law enforcement eliminated two high-ranking ISIS commanders in the city of Daraa.


According to the publication by SANA, Hassan al-Hayek and Nabil al-Abdullah were the organizers of a series of assassination attempts on civilians and military personnel, as well as the perpetrators of a number of terrorist attacks, including explosions. During the counter-terrorist operation, law enforcement officers tracked the movements of the militants and eliminated them.


At that time, the extremists were monitoring several military facilities in the vicinity of ​​the cities of Tafas and Atman in Daraa governorate. They used a car stolen in the countryside to move around.


After the operation was completed, a number of weapons were confiscated from the militants. Their “arsenal” included machine guns, pistols and submachine guns, including Israeli-made ones. As Damascus reported, at present, the military and law enforcement agencies are making every effort to eliminate any terrorist threats.