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Patrushev noted the contribution of the SCO to countering terrorism

The SCO member states are doing a lot to combat terrorism and extremism and drug trafficking, noted Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev.


“The SCO member states are making a constructive contribution to the international antiterrorist cooperation. Our countries actively propose useful initiatives aimed at ensuring information security, countering extremism and transnational organized crime, as well as combating drug trafficking,” he said on Wednesday at a meeting with colleagues within the association.


Patrushev reminded that, based on the decision of the heads of state, it is presently planned to improve the performance of the SCO and strengthen the institution of dialogue partnership with states that share the goals and principles of the organization.


“An important task in this context is to improve the arrangments for countering security challenges and threats in the SCO space,” he said.


“The potential of the SCO keeps growing, and it is rapidly turning into one of the centers of international development; increasingly more countries seek to participate in the organization," he said.


Patrushev noted that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization “is steadily gaining weight in global affairs and authority in the international arena.”