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French Parliamentary Commission will Publish a Report on Investigation of Terrorist Attacks in Paris

[Global Network, reporter: Wang Lilang] In November and January, 2015, two terrorist attacks were committed separately in France. As a result of these attacks, a total of 147 people were killed and 516 people were injured. According to the reports of Radio France Internationale from July 3, some French experts have dubbed the attacks “French Pearl Harbor”. Relatives of the victims have expressed a strong dissatisfaction with the work of the security services. French Parliament had already set up a commission for the investigation of terrorist attacks in Paris, hoping to restore the overall picture of events in order to develop further preventive measures.

The Commission will report on the outcome of the investigations on July, 5. However, Georges Fenech, Commission Chairman, informed the public in advance that the Commission did not intend to assess or criticize the performance of security agencies. The main task of the Commission is to try to restore the true picture of these incidents and provide it to the national government for development of preventive measures for future.

However, defenders of the human rights of victims of terrorist attacks have already expressed their dissatisfaction with performance of French intelligence services. French Minister of Justice acknowledged in an interview with the Enquirer Magazine that investigative work with regards to some of the suspects was not perfect. For example, gendarmerie detained one of the main suspects after the terrorist attacks in Paris, but he was released after giving a testimony.

It is reported that the committee consists of 30 people. Within six months of investigations of the incidents of data, the Commission has made a number of inquiries to various ministries and departments of the country. Commission members also took several working visits to Belgium.

The report should to establish the interaction of three French elite special forces (GIGN gendarmerie and Raid and BRI police troops) for greater efficiency in emergency situations in future.