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Russia’s position on Syria could provoke a terrorist attack in Volgograd – expert

CA-NEWS (CA) — Terrorists have calculated everything. The most suitable place and time has been chosen for explosion occurred on Monday October 21 in Volgograd and classified by the law enforcement agency as a terrorist attack. This information was presented in DW interview by International Veterans Association of «ALFA» anti terror subdivision Vise President Alexey Filatov.


We are more vulnerable to terrorism than many other countries

Director General of the Russian Council on International Affairs Andrei Kortunov told about a serious threat to the Russian Federation by the international terrorism activation to the reporter of «Ъ» SERGEY Ъ — STROKAN.


Comment: The United States of America activated its anti-terroristic activities in Africa for horrification of the terrorists.

Recently U. S. forces took part in anti-terroristic campaigns Somalia and Libya. The main purpose of dealing military strike by Special Forces of USA in the territory of Horn of Africa/Somalia became Somalian anti-governmental group «Ash — Shabab».