Yevgeniy Sergeyevich Sysoyev

Born in 1959 in the Tomsk Region of Russia / USSR.

He graduated from the Physics and Technology (1982) and Law (1993) Department of Tomsk State University and the Higher Courses of the KGB in Minsk (1984).

The organs of state security since 1983.

He served in various positions of operational and leadership (since 1988) in the compositions of the FSB of Russia in the Tomsk region. From 2000 - Deputy Head of Department.

From 2003: First Deputy Head, Russia’s FSB Krasnoyarsk Regional Directorate.

From 2005: Head of Russia’s FSB Institute in Novosibirsk.

From 2009: Head of Russia’s FSB Novosibirsk Regional Directorate,

Chairman of the Council of senior FSB officials

in the Siberian Federal District of Russia.

From 2011: Deputy Head of Russia’s FSB Supervisory Branch,

Head of Inspectorial Directorate

From 2013-2015: Deputy Director, Russia’s FSB / Head of the National Antiterrorism Committee (NAC) Central Office.

Current military rank: Colonel General